Monday, October 1, 2007

Friendship made over the Internet

Unfortunately in the world we live in today so many people are "fearful" of the Internet, and rightfully so, especially because of the harm it can bring to our innocent children, but I have an incredible story that shows how a godly Christian friendship has been made over the Internet! Since we found out about Tristan on August 15th we have felt like we are traveling this "Trisomy 18 road" alone, despite the outpouring of love and support we have received from our family and friends, this is such a rare genetic disorder (1 in 6000) that not many people have heard of it or experienced it. So, I have daily searched the Internet looking for information/pictures/stories, anything to help us as a family better understand and prepare for what we are facing in the upcoming months. On Sept. 24th I found a story about a Christian couple in Nashville, TN. whose daughter was born on Sept. 18th with Trisomy 18 and they were able to take her home from the hospital - that is a miracle in itself! I intently read every single entry on their blog because THEY WERE LIVING THIS RIGHT NOW. Their little girl lived 8 days and even through their loss they have continued to blog which helps me understand the feelings on the other side (the loss of a baby). In the midst of reading their blog, I was linked to another blog of a Christian couple in Memphis, TN. whose daughter, Poppy Joy, has been diagnosed with Trisomy 18, and she is due on December 19th (the day before me!). As I intently read every single entry on their blog I came across an entry titled "Papa", I thought, that man certainly looks like Adrian Rodgers, but I thought, surely it couldn't be, infact it was! The girl blogging is the granddaughter of the late Adrian Rodgers and if you knew him then you know he was an incredible man of God, I used to love to hear him preach when he came to our church for our Annual Pastors Conference. Anyway, I was so touched and moved by their story that I emailed her (Angie) on Saturday and received a sweet email back yesterday. I truly believe the Lord led me to the first couple's blog so that I would find Angie's blog and we could, through this very difficult time in both of our lives, become Internet friends. I am looking forward to the friendship we will share together on this "Trisomy 18 road". After you have read this entry, please click on the blog site name labeled "Poppy Joy Luce" to read their story. It is very touching and just another example of the Lord being praised and glorified in difficult times. Also, please pray for The Luce family as they await the birth of their precious daughter on December 19th and pray that the Lord will continue to grow this newfound friendship.

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