Monday, October 29, 2007

"Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" organization

After Tristan was diagnosed with having Trisomy 18 my brother-in-law told Trayc about a podcast he had seen regarding a photography organization that takes pictures for parents during infancy bereavement/loss and that it was free of charge. Trayc and I began doing some research online and found the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" charity organization. The photographer comes to the hospital on the day of the birth, takes pictures and gives them to you, all of this for free! On the website I pulled up the U.S. map, clicked on Florida and then clicked on Jacksonville photographers, we are fortunate enough to have 20 photographers that participate. I was scrolling down the list and noticed the name Peggy McAteer. I did not personally know her, but her name was very familiar, a lot of my friends at church had used her for their weddings and I had walked by her studio years ago and noticed her portraits in the window - they were incredible and something I have never forgotten. Because this named jumped out at me we decided to call her, we explained our story and then met with her on October 5th. She was so sweet and said she would be honored to take the pictures of our precious baby boy. She put my c-section date on her calendar and said we would have her and another photographer from her studio, ALL DAY long. She also said that she would like to take prenatal pictures of me and our family. We couldn't believe it, the Lord was again using another entity on this "Trisomy 18 road" to bless us in a very special way. My and Trayc's family are absolutely photo fanatics, we have the big expense cameras with the big lenses and we take lots of pictures, so it would not be unusual for us to have several cameras taking pictures at the hospital, just as we did at Tanner and Tayden's birth, however this time is so different. We realize that, if Tristan is born alive, our time with him is uncertain, it could be a few minutes or hours and we don't want our family members caught up in taking pictures, making sure the lighting is right, making sure the pose is just right, etc. We want that moment in time to just "stand still" so that everyone can be a part and enjoy it without any other responsibilities.

Today we had our prenatal pictures made at Peggy's studio and we had so much fun! Tanner and Tayden got to put their hands on my big belly and it was just so sweet to see their little faces. These are the pictures we will hold on to and cherish when Tristan is no longer with us.

Thank you to the "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" organization for the passion you have to help parents like us cherish the brief moments we have with our precious babies.

Thank you to Peggy McAteer (and Mark)
for your graciousness and willingness to help us cherish every moment from our pregnancy to Tristan's birth. We will forever be grateful!

If you have a need for pictures like this you can go to the website:

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Anonymous said...

I just heard today that your son has passed onto heaven from Tamara on Training Hearts Blog. I too have used the same foundation when my Son Corban was stillborn this past June. If ever there could be a blessing to a family this organization is it !!!!
God Bless~~
Melissa D. SC