Friday, October 12, 2007

2 months left

We have exactly 2 months from today until Tristan will be born. We are excited, like with any new baby you want to hold them, love them, kiss them and smell them, but at the same time it is hard to think about because right now he is safe inside my stomach, his heart rate is very strong, his measurements are good and he only has a small hole in his heart, I can protect him from harm and his genetic disorder doesn't really affect him but from the moment he is born we know this will all change. He will need to breath on his own and eat on his own and from all the research I've done I know this is difficult for Trisomy 18 babies to do. Right now, we as a family, are living one day at a time, kind of like that old gospel song "One day at a time sweet Jesus" (I remember Memaw, my grandmother, singing this song when I was young), but when Tristan is born the day-to-day will become minute-to-minute, every minute will count because it could be his last with us. Even though this is very hard to think about we have to be prepared for the reality we will soon be facing. Fortunately, we are Christians and know that the Lord has Tristan's time here on earth already planned and when the time comes for Tristan to go home we will, no matter how difficult, have to let him go with the assurance that we will see him again when the Lord calls us home! Please pray that we will continue to enjoy these next 2 months as we await Tristan's birth and that we will continue to feel a peace even though our future is uncertain.

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