Thursday, July 26, 2007

6th doctor's appt.

Today was my 6th doctor's appt. at 10:45 am. We got to hear Tristan's heart beat today and it is still 150. We are so excited, we have made it to week 19!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tristan Asher is the name

We have been going back and forth since our doctor's appt. on Wednesday trying to decide on the name for our 3rd boy. We were sitting at the dinner table tonight and Tanner said, "well mommy, what name sounds better if you're yelling it across the soccer field and what name looks cooler on the back of a soccer jersey?" (This coming from our 11 year old who has played soccer since he was 4, now you understand!) We laughed and said, "good point", so we started yelling, "Tristan!" and then "Tripp!". We kept doing this over and over and then Trayc said, "we should save the name Tripp for the 4th boy you know we'll have, because it will definitely be a trip if we have a 4th boy", I said, "okay, that's just not funny!". See, I come from a girly kind of family, I have a sister (who has 1 girl), a step-sister(who has 3 girls), a sister-in-law(who has 2 girls) and I have mostly girl cousins, so I knew NOTHING, I mean NOTHING about boys. Tanner, our 11 year old, has had to teach me how to get down in the floor and play with cars, trucks, trains, etc. I just want to go to my little girl's ballet recital and play with dolls for once, but ya know, the Lord has a reason for us to keep having boys. Trayc said to look at it like this, "the Lord knew that we needed more godly Christian men in this world we live in today so maybe that's what we are doing, raising godly Christian boys to become godly Christian men to live for Him, serve Him and make an impact in this world". Okay that actually sounds very rewarding to me! I will definitely start looking at having ALL boys very differently. Oh sure, I will still long to do the pink thing, play with baby dolls, have tea parties, etc. but maybe that's not the Lord's will for us. I don't know, I just know that I am trusting in His will not mine. And, if I don't have a little girl then I'll just have to spoil my precious nieces, since I have so many! There is a song sung by the Gaither Vocal Band that comes to mind: "Men full of compassion, who laugh and love and cry, men who'll face eternity and not afraid to die, men who'll fight for freedom, in honor once again, WE JUST NEED A FEW GOOD MEN". My prayer today is that I will be the godly Christian mother who raises Christian boys that will one day grow up and become Christian men who love Jesus with all of their heart and that will make an impact for Him in this world.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

5th doctor's appt. - IT'S A BOY!

Today was my 5th doctor's appt. at 8:30 am but it was my 1st appt. at a group of "high-risk" doctors. I went to them because they have the high-tech sonogram machine that shows the baby's every detail and because I will be 40 years old when I deliver in December. He looked perfect, they said that all the measurements where right where they should be. Yes, I said he, it's another boy, WOW, we were actually very shocked. Because I was very sick from week 6-12 we just knew this was a girl, I mean I feel so different than I did with Tanner and Tayden. We took the boys with us to the appt. so when they said it was a boy we all just starred at each other in shock and Trayc asked the doctor, "are you absolutely positive it's a boy because we are moving soon and we want to make sure we buy the right color of paint for the nursery!", he assured us that it was a boy. We walked out of the doctor's office just laughing and saying, "okay, well, we need to figure out a boy's name because until we do, he doesn't have a name". See, we had a girl's name picked out, and had previously gone to Babies R' Us and picked out all the stuff we were going to go back and buy TONIGHT - it was all pink, pink, pink!!!! Instead, we all went to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and sat at a back table (with at least 20 baby names books) trying to decide on a name, of course, it had to begin with a "T" so it did help narrow down the search just a little. After 2 hours we have come up with 2 possible names: Tripp Austin and Tristan Asher. We will let you know what we decide.