Wednesday, July 11, 2007

5th doctor's appt. - IT'S A BOY!

Today was my 5th doctor's appt. at 8:30 am but it was my 1st appt. at a group of "high-risk" doctors. I went to them because they have the high-tech sonogram machine that shows the baby's every detail and because I will be 40 years old when I deliver in December. He looked perfect, they said that all the measurements where right where they should be. Yes, I said he, it's another boy, WOW, we were actually very shocked. Because I was very sick from week 6-12 we just knew this was a girl, I mean I feel so different than I did with Tanner and Tayden. We took the boys with us to the appt. so when they said it was a boy we all just starred at each other in shock and Trayc asked the doctor, "are you absolutely positive it's a boy because we are moving soon and we want to make sure we buy the right color of paint for the nursery!", he assured us that it was a boy. We walked out of the doctor's office just laughing and saying, "okay, well, we need to figure out a boy's name because until we do, he doesn't have a name". See, we had a girl's name picked out, and had previously gone to Babies R' Us and picked out all the stuff we were going to go back and buy TONIGHT - it was all pink, pink, pink!!!! Instead, we all went to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and sat at a back table (with at least 20 baby names books) trying to decide on a name, of course, it had to begin with a "T" so it did help narrow down the search just a little. After 2 hours we have come up with 2 possible names: Tripp Austin and Tristan Asher. We will let you know what we decide.

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