Thursday, September 27, 2007

Today I'm 40 and pregnant!!!!

I cannot believe that I am actually 40 today, where have the years gone? Oh, that sounds like something my grandmother would say, I must be getting old! As you read in my blog on Sept. 22, Trayc gave me a surprise birthday party and we were all standing around saying we couldn't believe we were all 40 or getting close to it (a lot of us have know each other since elementary school), then someone said, "hey, you're 40 and pregnant" - we all laughed! That does sound crazy doesn't it? We were saying our grandmothers and mothers were so much younger than us when they had children, I guess it was just a different generation back then. You know, honestly, I would have never expected to be 40 and pregnant. Trayc and I dated for 3 years and got married at 23. When we were dating we would have phone conversations lasting 5-6 hours on a Friday night and plan out our future. We would start a family the second year we were married, have 4 children (2 boys, 2 girls), they would be 2 years apart, we would have 2 golden retrievers, 2 new cars and a two-story house - okay, now looking back that is just so funny!!! See, we presently have 2 boys, who are 10 years apart, another boy on the way, 1 Shitzu, 2 cars (that used to be new!) and we JUST moved into a two-story house. Of course, these were our plans, not the Lord's, but you know, when your young and growing up under your parents, very nieve and fortunate to have had a pretty close to perfect life and perfect family, no real problems and certainly no tragedies, it all just seemed natural to PLAN out our marriage and future life together and believe it would just go all according to our plans. Having children has not come easy for us, it had become just an emotional roller coaster for years. We tried 5 yrs to get pregnant with our first son, Tanner, and after 9 doctors, 1 infertility specialist and $10,000 we, through in-vitro, had him in 1996, then, 10 years later, we were 4 days and $14,000 from in-vitro, when we found out we were pregnant, this time on our own! Our second son, Tayden, is now 1 1/2 yr old. We thought, "finally we're getting pregnant without infertility drugs so let's try again because we're obviously not getting younger" and we got pregnant the weekend of Tayden's 1st birthday. We were excited for so many reasons, this was our 3rd miracle baby, the 2nd one without any infertility drugs and finally Tayden would have a brother/sister close in age. We have learned so much over the past 17 years of marriage, we must live for Jesus every day, take one day at a time, rely on Him solely and remember that He has the plan for our lives and this includes Tristan being born with Trisomy18.

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