Friday, September 7, 2007

$100 balance

Do you remember back on August 30th when we went to our doctor's appt. and asked the doctor if there was any way possible that they could work with us regarding paying the remaining $2,500 we were to pay by Sept. 27th, in that we were self-pay and now being faced with incurring additional expenses like hospice, NICU, cemetery, funeral home, etc? Well, in this afternoon's mail we received the bill from the doctor's office and written in black pen and then highlighted in yellow it said $100 balance, yes, I said, $100 balance. We could not believe our eyes! Since we found out about Tristan being Trisomy 18 on August 15th, we have been going every 2 weeks for sonograms and will continue to go that often until my c-section in December, therefore we would have actually incurred MORE than the normal bill of $5,000. Now do you see the blessing? It seems in our world today that everyone is after the money that "is due them", trust me we know this first hand from the 7 yrs. of debt. we finally got out of, and no one is willing to give you a financial break because of anything you might be going through, but we FINALLY received the break today and it was on behalf of our precious unborn baby - the Lord used my doctor's office to bless us in the most unusual way!

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