Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Thank You", To my family

I would like to say a special "thank you" to everyone in my family for the support and encouragement you have showed us these past 3 weeks. This outpouring of love is not an unusual thing for our family, after all this is how I was raised, however, because Trayc and I have never been through a tragedy we value this support and encouragement much more today! As you all know, the emotions have run high since we found about Tristan and I knew without a doubt that, at any time (day or night), I could call any one of you and you'd be there to listen to me, comfort me or just cry with me.

  • To my Memaw & Grandaddy, thank you for calling me 3x's a day to tell me that you loved me and to say "just lean on Jesus honey, He will give you the strength when you don't have any".

  • To my Mom & Step-dad, thank you for telling me I WOULD make it (every single hour, on the hour, that I would call and just cry).

  • To my Dad & Step-mom, thank you for consistently calling me week after week to tell me that you loved me, that you are there if we need anything, for the sweet cards, and for dad making plans on going this month with Trayc to help him make the necessary funeral arrangements ahead of time.

  • To my sister (best friend & confidant), thank you for talking to me all day long (every day), for listening to me cry all day (every day) and for being my strength when I just couldn't find any, I could NOT have made it thus far without you - I love you more than I can ever say.

  • To my step-sister, thank you for all of your calls, for helping me understand what is going on from a medical standpoint(glad we have a nurse in the family), for crying with me, for telling me you all get down on your knees every night as a family and pray for us by name and for the sweet card - I miss you and wish you were here.

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