Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The necessary planning

This morning Trayc and my Dad are going to meet with the cemetery and funeral home personnel. This is obviously not something any parent ever wants or even expects to do for their unborn baby. Usually this time is spent decorating the nursery, planning for the day of his birth, having baby showers and buying all the cute baby stuff, however, that is not what we are doing. The necessary planning, no matter how difficult, must be done and we just want to have everything taken care of so that we can spend from now until December excited about Tristan being born and not worry about anything else. And then when Tristan is born we want every moment he is alive to be spent holding him and loving him, NOT out running around making plans. Right after we found out about Tristan I told Trayc that I just couldn't bring myself to go with him to the cemetery and funeral home because it would just be very hard to do this when Tristan is still kicking and VERY MUCH ALIVE inside of me. Of course, Trayc completely understood and said he didn't want me to, he felt it was his place as Tristan's dad to do this part. Trayc asked my dad to go with him for emotional support so that he wouldn't be alone. Please pray for Trayc and my dad today, that the Lord will wrap His loving arms around them and give them comfort when it is needed.

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