Saturday, December 1, 2007

Greatly appreciative

As we are quickly approaching the birth of Tristan I just wanted to let everyone know that we have greatly appreciated every phone call, every email, every letter, every comment on our blog, every deed that has been done, every new friendship formed, every Internet friend made and certainly every prayer that has been lifted up to the Lord on behalf of our family and our precious unborn baby boy, Tristan. It has meant so much to us and been a great source of comfort and encouragement to know that there are so many people, ones we know personally and ones we don't, that have been on this journey with us since August. We pray that every word we have spoken and every word we have typed has in some way touched your lives and encouraged you and has ultimately honored and gloried the Lord Jesus Christ. Although when we first started out on this "Trisomy 18 road" on August 15th it was filled with total devastation, depression, sadness and deep sorrow the Lord has turned our tragedy into such a sweet blessing and true miracle, we will always remember this as a sweet journey chosen by the Lord, especially for our family. We not only feel chosen but honored that the Lord has entrusted in Trayc and I, as Tristan's parents, the ultimate task of carrying Tristan to full-term knowing we would, no matter how short his life may be, always honor Him in every decision we made. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we approach the last 2 days of our pregnancy and look forward to Tristan's birth on Monday.


Laurie said...

Prayers for you and Tristan continue from my home in California. I pray that your "sweet journey chosen by the Lord" continues to bless you as these last 2 days lead to the birth of your precious son. Your journey has been a blessing of faith to me and an encouragement to trust Him in and with all things in life. You honor Him with your faithfulness. I ask Him to grant the same grace and joy to you as you meet Tristan on Monday. He will be faithful to keep you in His peace and close to His heart. I will be praying for you each day asking for precious time with this sweet baby boy. Bless you both always.

Laurie in Ca.

Pat said...


I just logged on to get an update before going to Church. I'm praying hard for you this morning as I know you probably went through a roller coaster or emoiton with Angie and Poppy Joy yesterday. I am praying for them also. Hope to see you later.