Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Day 10 - Enjoying every single moment

When I woke up this morning I realized the date was December 12th, this was originally supposed to be the day Tristan was born but due to the extra 4 weeks of fluid in my stomach and Tristan's stomach measuring 6 weeks behind the doctor was afraid Tristan may not make it until the 12th. I am so glad we moved it up and that we have already been able to share 10 days with him. The Lord is just blessing our family in the most unbelievable way. During my pregnancy we prayed that if God's plan would be better served by taking Tristan's little life early then we would accept that and if His plan would be better served by allowing him some time with us then we would honor and glorify the Lord in all that we did. Therefore, in obedience and thankfulness to the Lord we are enjoying every single moment we have with Tristan and thanking Him for it all day, as we remain in a prayerful spirit. Tristan had a great day and he is just amazing us as he becomes a little more alert each day. I had a follow up doctors appt. at 8:30 am this morning. My doctor said I was doing great - no fluid in my lungs and my hemoglobin level was 11.0, it was 8 in the hospital when they ordered the 2 blood transfusions, so this was great news. Now I'm just waiting for my energy to kick in, the doctor said it could take at least 3-4 more weeks due to the amount of blood loss, I just thought "new blood" meant I'd feel like a new person, immediately! The excitement for today was that we received the pulse oximeter from Hospice which will alarm when, and if, his heart rate slows down, he stops breathing or when his oxygen level gets too low. We had a Respiratory Therapist come to the house and teach us how to use it. I am hoping it will allow me to be a little less afraid to walk away from Tristan, at this point someone is watching him 24 hrs. a day. I realize it has the tendency to go off even if it's not "an emergency" but I would rather it alert us and there not be a need to rush to assistance than to not know what is going on. I know there is going to come a time I must completely release that fear and trust the Lord to take care of Tristan but it's just to soon for me right now not to worry 24 hrs a day that he might stop breathing and I couldn't help him. This brings back so many memories of when Tanner was born 11 yr. ago, he was 4 weeks early and only weighed 5 lbs. Although he was a healthy baby we still had him sleeping between us for the first 6 weeks so that we could watch him breath, so as you can imagine my fear is so much greater with Tristan. During my daily quiet time I am asking the Lord to calm my fears and allow me to not worry as much. As promised to Tanner, we celebrated Christmas tonight by listening to Christmas music during dinner and then Tayden was so tired from today that he went to bed early so Trayc and I spent some time upstairs with Tristan while Tanner and Trayc's mom spent time quality time together downstairs. Trayc and his brother own a tile, stone and granite company so fortunately he has been able to take off work for the past 10 days, however he is going to work for the next 2 days so we are taking the "night hours" tonight and allowing his mom to sleep so that she can help me tomorrow. Please pray for us as we take the "night hours", please pray that Trayc's mom will sleep well tonight, please pray for Trayc's mom and I as we take care of Tristan without Trayc tomorrow, please pray for Tristan's continued strength, and please pray for us as we face another new day tomorrow.


Emily said...

Praising God for another day with that miracle boy under our sun!

Tracy said...

It's great to hear that you and Tristan are doing so well!! That is good news! :)

Pat said...

Continuining to pray for you, Trayc mother and the rest of the family. What a joy and blessing it is to read your words in how God surrounding you with angels on earth during your stay in the hospital and how he is blessing your family. Your words are such a testimony in how he is in everything around us if we just take the time to look. Tristan is such a beautiful baby and I love the new picture of all of you. Thank you for sharing your fears along with the blessing and I am praying for you to be able to let go of it but as a mother I know it will take a while because no matter how old our children get we always want to make thing better for them and take away the hurts in the same way Jesus wants to do for us.

May you have many more days of loving, and taking care of Tristan.

Kim said...

10 days old! What a miracle!

We need some close up pictures of the handsome little man's face! :)

So other than being exhausted b/c of blood loss, are you feeling better, and are you in good health now?

Jamie Patrick said...

Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you guys. Scripture speaks of the "fellowship of His sufferings." There is an unexplainable nearness to God that comes in times of intense difficulty. May God grant you this love and comfort as you enjoy your precious time with Tanner.

Lange and Jamie Patrick

Jamie Patrick said...

Sorry. I accidentally typed Tanner, I think. Lange and I were just discussing that we remember Tanner from musicals that our son Justin was in when we were in Jacksonville. Feel free to edit the name or just don't post the comment if you don't want to.


Adam Edward said...

Praise God for another day!

Adam & Kelly George
Palatka, FL

Cathy said...

What a blessing for the last ten days! God is awesome! We will continue to pray for Tristan and the entire family. I am also glad you recieved the pulse ox and that it will give you some peace. We have one for Annabel, but now just use it when she is looking tired or sickly which thankful not very often.
In our prayers,
CAthy & Annabel

karalyn said...

Praying for many more wonderful moments with your three boys.

Laurie said...

10 Days, this is so wonderful! I am glad to hear your health is returning and you are doing so well. The energy, well that will come too. The blood of Jesus is all over the words you write as that little miracle Tristan continues to thrive and bless all of you. Your words make my faith grow and I am so thankful for His faithfulness to you. I will pray for your fears and worry, all of us moms know this so well to a point and I can understand how hard it must be for you to let go and let God. I just love how you celebrate every night.
God Bless your new day today as it is #11 and counting!!!

Love, Laurie in Ca.

So Blessed said...

Praying for all of you and thanking God for His amazing blessings!

Anonymous said...

I've wondered on to your blog and have been following your story. I just woke up in the night last night and couldn't get Tristan off my mind and I prayed for him. I thought it might be encouraging to know that God cares so deeply for your family that He used a stranger in MN to pray for you in the night.

It's so exciting to keep reading about how good he is doing.

Kara said...

Praising our Lord for Day #10! What a miracle He is working. Prayers will go up for you and Trayc's mom. Watching and Praying from OK for your family!

Jami Thompson said...

Yvette and Gang-

I continue to check for updates daily; what an absolute miracle you have! There isn't a better Christmas gift, is there? I am so so happy for all of you, for each day that Tristan gets stronger. He really is beautiful, Yvette. But look at his parents!! Please give him an extra kiss just for me. Talk to you soon..


Emmie said...

How our God is being glorified by your wonderful testimony to His power and grace! I've wept and prayed for you, and now I weep with joy! Emmie in Central Texas is thrilled for you. Precious, precious.

darcymcm said...

I too have wandered onto your blog and am in awe of the amazing testimony that you are of God's love, strength, hope, grace...the list goes on and on. I pray that you continue to have peaceful days with your miracle boy and that God will continue to calm your fears and keep you all wrapped in his arms.

Psalm 34:4
I sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all of my fear.


milehighmom said...

Rejoicing with you as you enjoy each day with your precious baby boy. I will continue to follow your story and pray for your family. God bless!

Melissa in Colorado

Mandy said...

10 miraculous days! So happy for you. I am praying that you get many more days with Tristan.


Kenzie Stanfield said...


Know that we are praying for y'all as you continue each day with precious Tristan! His little life has brought so much hope to us when so many people don't seem to have any in our situation... the Lord is SO good and SO faithful!

Each of your requests is being lifted up as you continue with your 3 sweet boys.

Love and prayer,

Kim ( said...

I love coming here every day and seeing everything is going so good!I am so happy for all of you. We will continue to pray for your requests and praise him for such blessings you get every day!

Lynda said...

Yvette, Trayc, Boys and family, I come here every day, sometimes several times a day just to read and re-read the miracle you have received. My first prayer each morning as I wake is that God will breathe life into your precious baby Tristan and that Yvette will continue to get stronger and more energy too. I know God is answering these prayers in each posting that I read. I will continue to pray that prayer. Much love, Lynda

Brandi said...

I too, check in every day our your beautiful sweet little Tristan.

Please know that multiple times a day a prayer is going up in New Mexico for Tristan and your family.

Your faith inspires so many and may the love you have in your hearts carry you through this jouney. May you have many more bessed days with his sweetness in your arms.

Laurie said...

Praying for another blessed day with Tristan for all of you there with him. Bless his little heart, this must truly be the best Christmas for you. Prayers continue here for you and for all the other mommies to be who are visiting you here. Gods richest blessings on all of you.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Bobbie said...

What a wonderful miracle!!!!!
I know you can feel the wonderful presence of the Lord as He (& only He, Miracle Worker) let you love on Tristan day by day. Each morning I know a new blessing as you get to love on this sweet and Trac have been so special in ou lives and it is so exciting to see how God has grown you to be more like HIm everyday. We continue to pray for your family and I thank God for your sweet "Moma" my precious friend as she conintues to minister to you. I love all are special.