Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 24 - Play Day

Again we took turns watching Tristan to make sure the oxygen tube did not fall down, he slept very well and the apnea monitor only went off once. Although we are awake every 3 hrs for Tristan's feeding we were actually able to sleep in after his 6:00 am feeding - wow, this was great and certainly needed! Tristan had another really good day and his color did not change at all, hopefully the oxygen 24 hrs. is helping that. The excitement for today? We opened all the boys' new Christmas toys and played with them, because of the 10 yr. age gap we had a variety of toys to play with, everything from Thomas the Train to a RC skateboarder. I think it's so much more fun to play with all the toys now, as adults, than it was when we were younger - then again they never had all these kinds of cool toys when we were young. We listened to Christmas music tonight during dinner and then we made Christmas cupcakes, it was fun but so messy, we had green icing everywhere - including Tayden's face. Please pray for Tristan's continued strength and please pray for us as we face another new day tomorrow.


amie said...

Hello Yvette, I have been following your blog the past few weeks. I heard your testimony at church several months ago. I was so moved by your situation. My family and I are members of FBC. I know we don't know each other but I wanted you to know encouraged and challenged I have been by your posts. You are a great testimony to other moms. I pray that God will continue to give you exactly what you need as you need it. You are a blessing and your family is my prayers.

Mary in Tennessee said...

Praise God for a wonderful, memorable Christmas Day!

We have a big age gap between our kids also, 9.5 years. Your two older boys look like they get along well.
Praying for a peaceful night,
Mary in Tennessee

KrazyMom said...

Hello Hostetter family! I have been following your blog which I learned about through the blog of the Farley family. Though we don't know you personally, we have been holding Tristan up in prayer daily. You seem to be such a strong and loving Christian family whose story has really touched our hearts. Praise God you were able to celebrate Christmas as a family of five!

Kara said...

Praise God for such a wonderful Christmas! I pray that you will continue to feel His presence and that He will give you, Trayc, and they boys strength, comfort, and rest!


Kenzie Stanfield said...


I am SO thankful for the time that the Lord has allowed you to spend with Tristan. I know that it seems so critical to listen to what the doctor says about his color, but also remember that he wasn't expected to make it to birth, to come home from the hospital, to live for 24 days... Not that you don't know, just a reminder that no one can decide Tristan's time except the Lord. :)

The pictures are precious and I am so encouraged that he is doing fantastic! Know that prayers continue for you and that I am SO blessed to be a part of this journey.

Love and prayers,

Emily said...

Praising God for a Christmas filled to the brim with joy and miracles. :)

And praying you through the night....

Kim ( said...

Still love coming here to see sweet Tristan is looking so great. I have to tell you, you look amazing! Your nights with Tristan, although very blessed, must totally whip you and yet you look so great. I love the pictures and am so thrilled for your wonderful first Christmas with Tristan. I will continue to pray for you all.
With love,

Rebecca said...

Hooray for another great day!

I'm still praying.