Friday, December 21, 2007

Day 19 - More diapers?

Tristan had a good night last night. His apnea monitor only went off once but he started breathing again immediately. We have realized one thing for sure, Tristan definitely has his days and nights mixed up, this reminds me of being pregnant with him. I wouldn't feel him kick much at all during the day but just as soon as I would lay my head on the pillow he would start kicking and kick MOST of the night which kept me awake, of course I never minded because it just reminded me that my precious baby boy was alive. But what's great now is at night instead of laying there feeling him kick I can just reach over and get him out of his bassinet, hold him in my arms, rub his sweet little face, look into his eyes that are "wide open", talk to him and pray with him, this is what I have done the past 2 nights and it puts him right back to sleep. Tristan had another good day today. Trayc told me this afternoon that we needed to get more diapers for Tristan and I said, "more diapers?". He said, "Yes!". This would be the first pack of diapers we've actually bought because the hospital sent a pack home with us, so to me this means Tristan has lived long enough to go through a whole pack of diapers! Just another miracle on this road of uncertainty that we are so thankful for. With a normal healthy baby you just take things for granted like diapers, formula, wipes, washing little clothes in Dreft detergent, folding baby clothes and baby blankets, etc., but knowing today might be all we have, you take NOTHING for granted! It becomes a privilege and honor to buy more baby necessities and wash dirty baby clothes. I have stood at the washing machine so many times since we came home from the hospital 2 week ago and said, "Thank you Lord for allowing me the opportunity to wash Tristan's little clothes". Tristan had another good day. We had a very quiet family day so the only real excitement was that we got to buy more diapers - and for us that's exciting in and of itself! As promised, we celebrated Christmas tonight by listening to Christmas music while we ate dinner and then we all sat on the couch and watched a family movie. Please pray for Tristan's continued strength and pray for us as we face another new day tomorrow.


Jeanie said...

What an awesome way to start a Christmas weekend...reading about your precious Tristan!
This morning my 5 yr old prayed and praised God for Tristan being with you all this Christmas. I have shown her the sweet little pictures of the boys on your blog and she has become very interested in how you are doing. Warms my heart to see her compassion for others! Your Tristan has taught her to be compassionate and pray for others!
Thank you!
Have a wonderful weekend with your family of 5.
Jeanie Collins

Cathy said...

What a reminder that the most simple things in life can be such blessings. Praising God, for each day that Tristan is so normal. I love how you pray with him and he falls asleep in your arms(Jesus' arms).
Cathy & Annabel

Laurie said...

Such wonderful news. 19 Days and going strong. I love this miracle that is continuing day after day and reading about the little things that mean so much. And I love that he went through his first pack of diapers, yay Tristan, all systems go. May I tell you how refreshing it is to read about how closely drawn together the five of you are, day after day this month. You truly are living in your season of peace and joy. Jesus is so honored and I know He doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with Tristan. This is what He came here for so many years ago, to give us peace and joy and love and a future. Have a most blessed Christmas as you enjoy your precious gift, Tristan. I continue to pray for many, many more new days with your miracle.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Kara said...

Who knew buying diapers and washing clothes would be such a blessing! You have reminded me with those words, not to take things for granted! May you continue to enjoy God's miracle! Merry Christmas to all 5 of you!


Emily said...

Oh, praise God for the sheer magnitude of everyday miracles! Thank you so much for sharing your miracle boy with all of us. He is making this a Christmas we'll never forget, for sure.... :)

The Magana said...

Praying and giving thanks to the Lord for the precious give of allowing Tristan to be with all of you. We are a family of 6 and each day on the table or any other place my twins(6 year old) and my other two children thanks God for Tristan to be alive, and always checking on your blog to keep praying. You all have been a huge testimony, since first time we started to know about you. You are part of our blessings. and we are living each day having the joy to see each picture and new information about Tristan .We are asking God to show you His purpose, that We believe is a very big, and all the blessings that will become upon your lives.
Praying for all of you,

The Magana family

Boothe Farley said...

dear yvette-
you brought me to tears today imagining you at the washing machine thanking God for the opportunity to wash tristan's clothes. you are so right... we do take so much for granted. thank you for reminding me of that even as i wash sellers's clothes. i totally understand what you wrote about being astounded that tristan needed more diapers... i remember when we were preparing for copeland's departure from the hospital, we had absolutely nothing for her... including a car seat! we just didn't expect to get to take her home. what a blessing and a thrill to get to do just that... and to change diapers, feed her with a bottle, watch her take a paci, just do the "normal" things every parent gets to do with their babies. i'm so glad you are feeling that normalcy. thank you for continuing to blog. may you and your boys be blessed!


Granna said...

This grandmother in Alabama that you do not know, is praying for you. I blog hopped to your site several weeks ago, and I have fallen in love with your family. The baby is beautiful. I know that each breath is a blessing. May God give you strength for the road ahead.

Emmie said...

Dear Precious Family! How I smile with tears in my eyes as I picture you praying over your little one's clothes! What a blessing indeed it is to have "little" laundry to do! And more diapers. Sweet. May we never take these "little" things for granted, no matter how old they get! Luxuriate in your days together. I am overjoyed for you and yours! Rest in Him. From Emmie, a very happy grandmother who prays for you from Central Texas

So Blessed said...

Your post reminds me of a sermon my former pastor preached when my children were sum it up, he spoke of "having to" or "getting to". What truth there is in that and how much do so many of us take for granted the opportunities to "get to" do every day normal things? I know I have been guilty of that many times. And now, many, many years later, I still recall that sermon. Your post reminds us to give thanks in all circumstances, as the Word tells us to do. Gratitude is a beautiful prayer and it glorifies the Giver of all good gifts. Thank you for sharing your praise and gratitude to our Father. Peace to you and your family in this Holy season.

Rebecca said...

Hooray for more diapers! :)