Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What timing....

I'm sure you've said "what timing" before, meaning the timing was exactly what you needed at that moment, well that's how I have felt about the past few days. Every February, for the past 22 years, our church has a Pastor's Conference where 1000's of pastors/church staff from all over the world come to our church for 5 days of encouragement and rejuvenation. They attend classes and sit under some of the most powerful preachers of our time (Paige Patterson, David Jeremiah, Junior Hill, Jerry Vines, Johnny Hunt and many others). It started on Friday night with a service honoring the late Dr. Jerry Falwell and then preachers taught every day, and there were 2 services on Sunday night, Monday night and tonight.

Trayc and I were in the choir for 18 yrs and a part of the pastor's conference until we got out 5 years ago. Year after year the messages and music are always so powerful and it's one of those weeks you never wanted to miss. And this year was certainly no exception, we definitely did not want to miss it because we just lost our precious little boy 10 days ago, this is exactly what we needed these past few days, to hear the words of the Lord to help us heal our hearts and a week of spiritual encouragement and renewal, the Pastor's Conference came at the right time for our family......what timing! I listened intently to hear what the Lord was trying to teach me through the message and I sang with a heart of thanksgiving and praise to the Lord for what he has done for us through our little boy. I am so grateful for such a wonderful church that has an incredible pastor and minister of music.

The service ended tonight with a finale presented by our 2nd-5th grade, middle school, high school and adult choirs (approx. 1000 voices). The adult choir began singing and then slowly the high school, middle school and 2nd-5th graders walked in from the back of the church and filled the aisles. They were all wearing white robes and each held a gold, jeweled crown. As they were singing the last song they all bowed on one knee and lifted up their crowns --- WOW, this was so gripping!!!!

Tanner was a part of the finale and as you can imagine it was so touching. I smiled and had tears running down my face as I watched him singing to the Lord and holding up his crown. He has been through so much since we found out about Tristan in August and with him passing away just a few days ago. We were so proud of him tonight. His love for the Lord is so sweet. This was a concern back in August because we didn't want him to ever question why the Lord would do this to our family or why he would take Tristan away so soon and I have to say that he has no bitterness, no anger or does not question anything. He firmly says, as he has to remind me when I'm sad sometimes, "It's okay mommy, Tristan is with Jesus now and he has a new body and we'll see him again soon".

Please continue to pray for us as our hearts heal from the loss of our little boy, as I continue to struggle with the emotions in the night hours and as we are walking on this new journey in our life.


Anonymous said...


Dawn Weninger
Carrington, ND

boltefamily said...

It is amazing how perfect God's timing truly is. I will continue praying for you and your wonderful family.

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

I will be praying for peace and comfort!

Kristy Bolte

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog around the first of Dec. and have read it since. Our church staff attended the pastors conference this year and I thought about your family often as we were there. The finale was great and I wondered if your son was in it. The confrence is so encouraging to my husband and other staff. I think about your family and pray for you often.

Anonymous said...

Our world is so small - I have been following your blog for a while now and have been so inspired... My pastor and his wife just returned from this conference and were so touched by the finale - I had forgotten that was where you were at church at! God's timing is beautiful!

God bless you all - Sally Joines