Thursday, August 2, 2007

The doctor called

At 8:30 am this morning my doctor's office called and the nurse said, "Mrs. Hostetter, we've been trying to get a hold of you for 4 days, the doctor would like to speak with you". I knew something was wrong. I mean, how often does your doctor stop and personally call you. My doctor said that he had received the quad-screen results back and that there was some concern. My ratio was 1 in 10 chances that our baby had Trisomy 18. I said, "What is Trisomy 18?" He said, "basically it means your baby would be "incompatible with life", I said, "as in die?" He said, "unfortunately yes, the statistics are that only 50% make it to delivery alive and the babies that do make it usually live somewhere between a few hours up to 4 months, but there is a 10% chance that he could live to see his first birthday". He said, "I will be honest though, because you just had a very thorough, high-tech, sonogram and it showed no signs of anything, I am wondering if this is just a false-positive test, which can very easily happen with a maternal blood test". He said he wanted me to keep the appt. that I already have scheduled with the high-risk doctors for August 15th (this is just supposed to be a heart echo sonogram) and to call him after the appt. I was absolutely devastated to say the least. I was trying to comprehend Trisomy 18, which I've never even heard of, trying to figure out how in the world will I go on living my day-to-day life knowing our baby will die, I've never been through a tragedy. I called Trayc and was just hysterical! He immediately called the doctor back and had him explain everything to him just to make sure I wasn't just hearing the "worst case scenario". I wasn't, the doctor confirmed everything I had said. Our day has been filled with making phone calls to all of our family and closest friends. I will be honest, right now, Trayc and I are in shock, we are devastated and truly at a loss for words, we can't even begin to understand how we are going to get through the next 4 months and how we are to say goodbye to our unborn son, our 3rd miracle baby! We will be doing research online tonight to find out exactly what Trisomy 18 is so that we know what to expect in the upcoming months! Please pray for us during this very difficult and uncertain time.

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