Thursday, August 23, 2007

It is FULL Trisomy 18

The nurse from the "high-risk" doctor's office called Trayc at 12:00 noon and said that she had just received the official report from the lab regarding Tristan. She said that it is FULL Trisomy 18, which means it affects every one of his little cells. We are really no more devastated today than we were on August 15th. Trayc was holding out hope that it would be mosaic and that we could possibly have Tristan with us for several years or maybe well into his 20's but there was just something inside of me saying it was full Trisomy 18 or maybe it was my head preparing my heart ahead of time so that the news wouldn't be any harder to accept than it was originally. Although Trayc and I do not know why this is happening, we do know that the Lord is in control, that there is a reason for this being full trisomy and not mosaic and that we will love Tristan every minute we have him with us whether it be one day or one year.

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