Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What happend on Sunday?

Thank you so much to everyone who has commented on our blog or personally emailed us since since Sunday night. I cannot begin to tell you how much we truly appreciate the outpouring of love, support and prayers for our family during the loss of our precious little boy, Tristan. As I mentioned in my entry on Monday, this was so unexpected....and yet it wasn't. When you receive a diagnosis of Trisomy 18 you are told the statistics, you know the reality which is why our only prayer was for Tristan to be born alive and have at least one day with us - he was! As the days went by we started praying that we could take him home from the hospital - we did! Then day-by-day we loved Tristan with all of our heart and held nothing back. We had 56 days of miracles - so much more than we ever prayed for or even believed was possible. We celebrated every day whether it was Christmas every night in December, visiting Santa Claus, celebrating his 1st Christmas Eve, celebrating his 1st Christmas, having him dedicated at our church, celebrating his 1st New Year's Eve, celebrating his 1st New Year's Day, Disney night, Jaguar football night, bath nights or nightly "dress ups" with all 3 boys taking picture after picture - we lived in the moment and lived every day to the fullest!!!!

I know so many of you were wondering what happened on Sunday prior to Tristan passing away, as we've had many comments saying they were shocked. Let me start off by saying, we were absolutely shocked. Tristan had a great night Saturday night, his apnea monitor did not got off, his color was perfect, he took all 25 ml of feeding every 3 hours and the normal reflux that caused drool/formula to run down his mouth. I stayed awake from 10:30pm-2:00am watching him and wiping his little mouth, we switched sides and Trayc watched him from 2:00am-8:00am and then we both slept until 10:00am. We got up, ate breakfast, watched our church on TV and then Trayc said we needed groceries. He said, "Why don't you go get groceries and I'll stay here" so I took Tanner and we left at 2:15 pm. I spoke with Trayc several times while we were gone and every time asked (as always) if Tristan was okay and he said yes, he was fine. Trayc called me at 4:15 pm and asked if I was heading home and I told him I was checking out and he said, "okay I'll see you in a few minutes". At 4:20 pm while Trayc was changing Tayden's diaper the apnea monitor alarmed so Trayc left Tayden on the bed, checked Tristan and he was breathing again. He went back to Tayden's room to finish changing his diaper and the monitor alarmed again so he went in there and it was the heart monitor - THIS HAS NEVER, EVER HAPPENED!!!!! Trayc picked Tristan up and laid him on the bed and quickly undressed him to try and stimulate him and turned up the oxygen all the way to 5, but he was just very relaxed and the heart monitor continued alarming. Trayc called me and said "Where are you!" I said, "I'm on my way home" He said, "I need you to get home fast" I said, "Why?" He said, "He's not good baby, he's going fast!" I said, "What do you mean?" He said, "Baby just get home fast". I had been on the phone with my mom when he called so I clicked back to tell her and I was crying so hard. I didn't know how this was possible, I had just left at 2:15 pm, what could have changed in 2 hours? Of course, I hit every red light. My mom kept talking and praying with me all the way home (while at the same time getting my step-dad so they could come over). For 15 minutes Trayc held Tristan and kept telling him to hold on mommy was on her way. At 4:35 pm Tanner and I ran in the door, ran upstairs and Trayc handed him to me and said, "Baby tell him everything you want to, he's going fast". All 3 of us sat on the bed crying and I was looking in Tristan's eyes telling him how much I loved him, how happy I was to be his mommy, how I would never forget him, how all of his friends were waiting on him and I named them (Poppy Joy, Maddox and Mary Grace) and then Tanner said, "I love you buddy, you were the best little brother, I loved being your big brother, I will never forget you, I promise". I continued telling Tristan over and over how much I loved him until he took his last breath and went from my arms to Jesus arms at 4:40 pm. We sat on the bed for 20 minutes loving and kissing Tristan.

My parents were fixing to be here so as we started to walk downstairs I handed Tristan to Trayc and said, "I need to do a post and tell everyone so they can be praying for us". I sat down and through many tears quickly typed the entry called "Tristan went home to be with Jesus". Those were truly the hardest words I have ever typed as I am so used to typing cute little, creative titles - I just wanted to get the word out to the world that our little boy was gone and we desperately needed prayer! Within 15 minutes my parents, my sister's family and my grandparents were here (I'm so thankful we all live close). Then my sister took Tanner and Tayden so they could spend the night with her so they could be with their cousins and would not feel and see the pain we were experiencing, Tanner's been through so much since August and this part we wanted to shelter him from. Then our sweet pastor and his wife came and had prayer and talked with us all. He was reminding us that Tristan was in heaven from the moment he closed his eyes, he was in the presence of the Lord, that this body is what we hold on to and cling to because it's what we know and love but he's not there and then he shared some scripture. Being in church 3xs a week my entire life I've heard those words but NEVER needed to hear them like I did at that moment, it brought on a whole new meaning now that our little boy was in heaven. Everyone left but my parents, they stayed until the funeral home left.

It was around 11:00 pm when Trayc and I finally crawled into bed. We held on to Tristan's blue blanket and his little doggie (the one in all the pictures) and laid in each other's arms crying. It was so dark (we were used to the night stand light on) and it was so quite (Tanner and Tayden were with my sister and the oxygen concentrator wasn't on). Trayc got up and turned on the bathroom light and turned on the fan to the heater. We talked until 3:30 am about how in shock we were as there were no signs of this day coming, about our pregnancy, about the past 56 days, how we see clearly see the Lord's hand on our family since we began this T-18 journey in August and how we are so grateful to have been given more days than we ever imagined possible. We experienced 56 days of miracles!!!!!!!

I would ask that you please remember our family in prayer in the days ahead, they are extremely hard right now, although we knew Tristan's days were numbered from the beginning, I did not know it was possible to feel this great of a loss after sharing 56 days. We miss our little boy so much but fortunately we are not without hope, we know we will see him again.

John 11:4 says: "...This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified thereby."


Anonymous said...

The Special Little Spirit

"You are a special little spirit", the all great Master said, As He gently caressed the blond hair of the little spirits head. "You need to go to earth, to spend some time you know, A place I send most spirits, to be tested, learn and grow. The little spirit in sadness, slowly bowed his head, And from his eye a tear did come, and down his cheek it shed. "Don't you fret now little one, your stay won*t be too long, I'll bring you back to help Me here, you'll hardly know you*re gone. You're My choicest little spirit, you're the apple of My eye." And He wiped the tear, and gently kissed His little spirit goodbye.

"I'm back," the little spirit whispered, as he climbed onto his Master's knee. And the Master said, "I told you, you wouldn't be long away from Me." And then, the Lord, He noticed, still another tear welled in his eye. "Why are you so sad little spirit, whatever should make you cry?" "I'm glad I'm back," the little spirit said, "But Master You must surely know, When Your angel came to get me, I did not want to go. I know You said You needed me, and that I'd be gone a short while, But Lord, couldn't I have had a little longer earthly trial?"

The Master let the little spirit slip down from off His knee. He firmly took the little hand and said "Come walk with Me." The little spirit and the Lord, slowly walked hand in hand, As the Master explained his special part in His Great and Marvelous Plan. "Now Lord, I don't mean to argue, I understand that You needed me home, But I left in such a hurry; I left everyone hurting and so alone. I didn't let my earthly parents know, how much I loved them so. I was too small to tell them Lord, how will they ever know? They feel that they've been cheated Lord, and in a way, so do I, Not getting to share any more than we did, however can I tell them why?"

"Little spirit I know your heart is heavy with this message you need to share, But you need not worry any more, I'll watch over your loved ones there. I'll send them loving comfort, as a strong and helping hand. I'll contend and give peace to their aching hearts, so they will understand." The little spirit looked up at his Master, and said "Thank You for explaining it to me, And could You please tell them that I am safe and happy, And that someday they'll be here with me?" "Yes", said the Lord, with a smile and a nod, "I'll tell them all that I can," Then the others came to see the little spirit, as the Lord let go of his hand.

He said "I'll tell them that you're pure, as pure as heavens gold, That I needed the warmth of your perfect soul, to keep heaven from getting cold."

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharring. I cried through all of your words. I've been checking 5 times a day to see if you had updated. I praise the Lord you were able to make it home in time. God was protecting you as you drove home on the road. I am praying for all of you many times a day. Love, Julie Henry in Oregon

M said...

Thank you for sharing these precious details. I am so happy you were there when he went to meet Jesus. I think of you all the time and I will continue to pray for you. Thank you for showing me to be greatful for each day with my kids even if it just ordinary.

Love, Michelle

Amy said...

Oh Yvette thank you for sharing those last special moments with Tristan with us. I can't stop the tears from flowing. Your sweet baby has touched so many hearts and taught us so much about how precious life is. Life here on Earth can be gone in a second. I am so sad that he is physically gone but thankful that he is in Heaven with Jesus. The thought of ya'll holding his blue blanket and little doggie just has me bawling. Thank you again for sharing Tristan with "us". I will continue to pray for ya'll to be surrounded by peace.

Marlers said...

Bawling. Just bawling. I have been following your journey since before Tristan arrived but have never posted...I am sorry for that. With so many followers of your story, I figured I should keep my prayers for you and your entire family in my heart. I couldn't resist today, wanting you to know that you have more prayers lifted up for you than you evenknow about. Know that I check daily, if not several times a day for updates and am so thankful at what you have allowed the world to experience with you. I actually follow all the families with T18 children and am thankful for their williness to share their stories as you have. What an amazing gift Tristan was to me and my family and to watch you and your familys' strength! The prayers are not going to stop!! Blessings!


Tori - PA said...

Thank you for opening your heart to us. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. May God put a hedge about your family and protect you during this time. I pray He comforts you and continues to bless you tremendously.

Tori - Pottstown, PA

The Sinks said...

I am so sorry for your loss, but am rejoicing in Tristan's new life. I have been and will continue to be praying for you here in VA.

The Phillips Family said...

As with the others, I write this through tears. I can only imagine your loss after the wonderful days you shared with your precious boy. I pray for you daily that God will give you strength to make it through each day. May God bless you and keep you in his loving arms. Renee in Lexington, KY

Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray for you and your precious family. You are such a blessing to so many. Although we've never met or even talked, I find myself thinking about you on and off all day. I think it is amazing how God is using you to witness to so many people during such a difficult time. God loves you so much and he will get you through this. Michelle in Arkansas

Chrissy said...

Crying for you and with you. Praising God that Tristan was in your arms then in Jesus'. I think of you all often and my children still ask about Tristan and why he had to leave and how they till cannot believe it. Praying for you through this heartbreaking time.

Laurie said...

Yvette, My heart is so heavy for you and your family. Thank you for sharing Tristan's last moments as you have been so faithful in sharing every moment since his birthday. You have been so generous sharing this little miracle boy with us, I will never forget his impact on my faith and prayer life. I have not stopped praying for you and will continue to lift you up to Jesus each day. Please tell Tanner for me that he is the most incredible big brother in the world. Tayden and Tristan are so lucky to have him. My heart grieves with you as you cherish the love of 56 days that changed so many, forever.

Love you guys, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for months now...even before your 56 precious days with Tristan. I've always wanted to comment but never did...however I was constantly praying for ALL of you. I can't stop crying reading this post. I'm so thankful that all of you were there, loving on him in his last moments.

Listening to your words from before Tristan was born until today...what a lucky little precious boy to be in the arms of such an AWESOME loving family! Even though he is no longer in your arms, he is in the loving arms of Jesus and will stay there forever!

Thank you for opening your hearts and for being GREAT examples to all of us! You have touched so many lives!

Love from Texas,

Rebecca said...

Oh, Yvette. Thanks so much for sharing that. I am sitting at my desk at work (where I should be working), and I'm struggling not to cry.

Copeland was the first T-18 baby I followed. I learned about Poppy Joy at about the same time. When Copeland died, the timing worked out so we could travel to Nashville to attend her memorial service.

Shortly after Copeland died, several families "popped up" at once. One day, I added four blogs of T-18 familes to my feed reader. Yours was one of them. (Mary Grace's and Maddox's were two of the others.)

I have a picture of Poppy on my computer. It's the "naked baby" shot of her on the pink blanket. I have the picture of Tristan from Day 53 right under it.

I love all "my" T-18 babies. I'm so glad their mommies and daddies shared (and continue to share) them with us.

Melody said...

Thank you for sharing your precious time with Tristan. Your family is such an inspiration to me through your unending faithfulness to what God has placed in your life. I will continue to lift you up to him as I know the coming months are going to be difficult. I was so sad and shocked as many have said to hear of his passing, but there is such comfort in knowing that he is resting in the arms of our most Heavenly Father. Thank you again for sharing.

In Christ,

Dee Dee said...

I am crying big tears, too, but I know they could never compare to all the tears you have cried. Our dear Lord loves you all so much. Your little boy is safe with Him. You know that, but I hope it helps to hear it repeatedly.
It wasn't T-18, but on his 20th day, our little son left our arms almost 9 years ago and was taken into those perfect, mighty, tender, holy Arms. So there's another buddy for Tristan. Our little man was named Luke Zacchaeus. I'd always hoped he'd one day climb trees like
Zacchaeus in the book of Luke. Maybe they can do it together now. Who knows what joys await us in Heaven? And someday we'll see them both, and fall on our knees in joy with them before our precious Lord. Praying for you.
God will carry you through this.

Anonymous said...

Wow this was amazing. Thanks for opening you heart to so many strangers so they may feel the impact God has on your life. This was such a sweet and dear time in your life that you and many of us will cherish forever. Yall are so strong in this. God is watching over Tristian and you and knows every emotion you feel. Continue clinging to his word.
Love in Prayer...

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. I am so thankful that you were all able to be there with Tristian at the end, that you were able to say all the thing you wanted to say, and that your family and pastor were able to be there to offer you support in your darkest hours. I will continue to lift up your family in my prayers in the days ahead. And though my heart breaks for you in your loss, I am also smiling thru these tears imagining your little boy playing in heaven!

Annie- Nashville- TN said...

Oh how my hear breaks. I've read this blog since before Tristan was born- checked it several times a day. I am so sorry for your pain. But your pastor is so right- As soon as those sweet eyes closed from looking at his family, he opened them seeing Jesus! What better place to be than at the feet of Jesus! I know that Tristan is up there with all the other little babies and that gives me peace. I pray for an outpouring of peace over you and your family- Tanner especially. I can't imagine his feelings- being so young. He'll grow through this. It will make him a strong young man and you and Trayc's faith has been an incredible example not only to your boys but to so many of us as well. Grace and Peace be with you all. Tristan will NEVER be forgotten! Much love.

Tracy Carson said...

Hi Yvette, thanks for sharing the details, that was gracious and kind to let us in. How scary and quick those last minutes seemed to have been. I am sorry again but really rest knowing that heaven is real and good and glorious and we get to go there too someday. I will just be praying that you can grieve and mourn and rejoice and laugh and cry and remember and smell and talk with all of the freedom in the world. There is no right way to grieve, even as believers with all the truth in the world. May you rest in Jesus more today than you could yesterday. Tracy in AZ

Lynda Branch said...

Yvette, Trayc & boys, I wish I could say I know how you're feeling right now but I don't so I won't try. I do want you to know a day hasn't gone by that I didn't think of you & pray for you and I will continue to do so.

Thank you so much for sharing the details of Sunday, I know it wasn't easy to recount that day. I too felt it was so "unexptected." I had hopes and dreams of my own for little Tristan, but he has definitely been used of God in his own spirit and through each of you.

Words just feel so inadequate right now, but just know I'm here praying for you.

My love and MANY MANY Prayers,

Lynda Branch

Candi said...

Continuing to pray for your family. I'm so glad you made it home in time.

Just Me said...

Thank you for sharing. I am sure those words were not easy to write. You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

I love the words to "Borrowed Angels" sung by Kristin Chenoweth, and would like to share them (even though that will make this kind of a long comment!).

"They shine a little brighter, they feel a little more
They touch your life in ways no one has ever done before
They love a little stronger, they live to give their best
They make our lives so blest, so why do they go so soon?
The ones with souls so beautiful
I heard someone say--

There must be Borrowed Angels, here in this life
They come along, into this world, and make this world bright
But they can't stay forever
‘Cause they're heaven sent
And sometimes, heaven needs them back again

They reach a little deeper, they see what's in your soul
And even when they leave you know, you'll never let them go
The world's a little richer, just ‘cause they came along
Their love goes on and on, so why do they go so soon?
The ones with souls so beautiful.
I heard someone say--

There must be Borrowed Angels, here in this life
They come along, into this world, and make this world bright
They can't stay forever, ‘cause they're heaven sent
And sometimes, heaven needs them back again
How else can you explain why they're here and not here to stay?
I believe there must be, must be

Borrowed Angels, here in this life
They come along, into this world, and make this world bright
But they can't stay forever, ‘cause they’re heaven sent
And sometimes heaven needs them back again.
And sometimes heaven needs them back again."

amanda said...

Yvette, thank you for sharing those precious, intimate moments with all of us. I don't even know how I came across your blog, but I am so blessed to have watched your family from afar as you've walked this road with your sweet Tristan. Thank you for your faithfulness, and for sharing your family with us. Praying for you!
Amanda in Michigan

Jenny said...

I find myself thinking about you all, all the time. Our babies were born about two weeks apart and though I never had a T18 scare with this one, I did with my 2 year old who had a choroid plexus cyst. It's so hard to imagine your pain or to feel as though we're doing enough by praying, but I want you to know that we ARE praying and that your precious son has left a mark on our lives forever.

Hugs and prayers, Jenny

Jeanie said...

we will continue to pray for your sweet family.

So Blessed said...

My heart is overflowing as I read your entry today...full of sadness and sympathy for your loss and full of thanksgiving because you and your precious family know intimately the One who holds you in His mighty hands and comforts you with His peace. I have been so blessed by sharing in your journey and I thank you for sharing through this blog. My prayers will continue as you continue your walk, which is such a precious testimony to our God.

Jeannine said...

I'm praying for all of you!

SwapBlog said...

What beautiful words you've written and an incredible healing process you already experienced on that first night as you talked until 3:30 in the morning. I've been praying for you guys. Thank you for sharing your story with us! And how thankful I am that Jesus is holding Tristan!

Brian and Catherine said...

I am in tears when your husband told you to tell Tristan everything you wanted to say to him. God bless y'all.

Kim ( said...

Sweet friend I am praying for you. My heart breaks for you. I love you and your family.

Kenzie Stanfield said...


Just reminding you how much I love you and am praying for you... through both of our families pain right now. Thank you for continuing to share this journey.

Love you,

Christy said...

Praying for as much peace and comfort as humanly possible during this delicate time, for all of you. What a wonderful blessing it has been for me to see all the work God has made in you and your family, and especially in Tristan. Thank you, for sharing your sweet blessings.

Clare and Andy Dungey said...

The tears are pouring down my face and all those emotions I felt have come flooding back - the incredible heartache mixed with the overwhelming pride for your beautiful son. You are so right - we will see our sons again and their 'sickness is not unto death'. Our little boys are free and in the arms of our loving Father.

Thinking and praying for you

Love Clare Dungey

Anonymous said...

Lifting up your family in prayer daily...

Our Great Family said...

Thank you for sharing. We are praying for your family. Tristan was so loved here and he will always be remembered!

Jen in Al said...

Crying and praying for you! thank you for sharing your journey! Many blessings,jen in al

Jen G said...

My heart is breaking for y'all. :(

Praise God for that precious baby's life!

Jen from Atlanta

Anonymous said...


Pea Pod Mommy said...

Thank you for sharing the final moments with us. We will continue praying for you.

Collins Family said...

My heart aches for you as I read this through tears. We are praying for you each day and know Baby Tristan is in Heaven with his friends and he is watching over all of you.

ommie said...

I am sorry and will continue to keep you all of you in my prayers. God bless your family! Thank you for sharing those precious moments with us. Your family is amazing. Continueing in prayer

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing Tristan with us. We will continue to pray for your entire family. May God continue to wrap his arms around all of you. God Bless,

Robin, Jax, Florida

Tracy said...

Wow. I'm left without words.

Thank you for sharing the story of what happened on Sunday. My heart feels heavy for you and your sweet family.

Sweet Tristan. I'm glad you wrote that you will see him again. That is what you need to keep reminding yourself of.

Lisa in S.C. said...

Thank you for sharing your most private and personal events of that day. Something you were under no obligation to do but THANK YOU because it has been SUCH a HUGE, HUGE blessing to so many people; even complete strangers! Isn't that the greatest thing about how our God works! Many thoughts and many prayers all the way from S.C. to you and yours!

Julie said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I can only imagine how you must be feeling. What a blessing that you were able to tell Tristan goodbye. It sounds like he waited for you.
Continuing to keep you in my prayers.

Heather said...

To realize that I've never met you, however I think of you often and pray for you and your family.

In times of pain and loss, it's like it's where the rubber meets the road...all of our faith--the years of Sunday School, church, youth group, etc. and learning about Him--becomes reality. Continue to cling to Him. He IS our Hope, our Salvation and our Redeemer.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing those last 5minutes with us. You are so honest and all I could do was cry trying to imagine your pain. We will continue praying for your family. You did everything possible for Tristan and you are such a great inspiration to all of us. Your have a very beautiful and blessed family.
Cathy & Annabel

Lissa Lane said...

I want to give you a word of advice from someone who's been there, take some of Tristan's things he wore and put them into a bag and seal them. This will keep his smell on them. I so wish someone had told me this when we lost our little girl.

I'm crying from reading your story. Being a statistic is one of the most heartwrenching things ever. I understand 100% where you are coming from with that.

I was to reccomend the book
'Grace for Grief: Daily Comfort for those who Mourn' written by Michael and Brenda Pink. It's a daily devotional written by 2 Christian parents who lost an infant and then a teenage child. There are enough devotionals in this book to take you through the first year of your grief.

Praying for you, God bless

Kim ( said...

I am praying for and thinking of you all today and just wanted you to know.
Love you

Kari said...

I've been reading for since just after Tristan was born, and my prayers have been with you and your sweet family ever since.

Thanks for sharing little T with the world. Your family is an inspriation to so many.

I pray you feel the comfort that only our God can give.

Laurie said...


Just thinking about you on this Saturday morning and want you to know you and your family are in my prayers. I wish the Lord sent updates, I sure miss them here:( I pray your week has been a gentle one. You are loved and Tristan is remembered in my heart.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much for sharing. My tears keep falling for you, as I know all too well what you are experiencing. I don't claim to know exactly how you feel, but reading your story brought me back to the unexpected events that led to the passing of my little Emily. Even though my twins were given the T18 diagnosis (and all of the statistics that come with it) Emily seemed to be doing so well. It brings me so much pain to know that another family is going through this. The road ahead is going to be so bumpy, and it will probably get worse before it gets better. Just try to remember that you and your family come first right now and keeping them close by will likely help so much in the long run. Support each other and forgive each other when times get hard. As you will learn, this grief thing really stinks. I don't know what advise to give- but I know that I hated getting advise when I first began this grieving process. Just know that we are praying for you in CA.
~Stephanie, mommy to twin angels Abigail Marie and Emily Elizabeth -if you ever need a friend

Fern said...

I am crying with you and will continue to pray for you. I am so, so thankful you and Tanner made it home, Yvette.

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for your family! I'm so sorry for your loss! I will continue to pray for your precious family! God's grace will sustain you! What an awesome day it will be when you meet Him and see your Tristan again!

Laurie said...

Thinking about you all this Sunday morning, and praying for your hearts.
There are no words to explain what I feel for you right now except to say I love you and so does the Lord.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Christena said...

Dearest Yvette,

I am and will continue praying for peace and comfort for you and your family. I wish I could pray for no pain, but I know life doesn't work that way. The depth of pain is related directly to the depth of your love for Tristan. I remember embracing my pain because I needed it. Just remember that no matter how deep your pain runs, Tristan has no pain now. He is whole, healthy and happy in Heaven. He is forever your angel. He is forever perfect now. Through every day of the rest of your life, he will be right there to talk to and all that love you wrapped him in for those 56 blessed days... all that love will be returned to you a million-fold. Your compassion for others will forever be so much deeper and your appreciation for every blessing will be so much more present. Tristan, your tiny little boy who never spoke a word, your messenger from God, was able to teach more in 56 days then many prophets and priests teach in a lifetime.

Thank you again for sharing so much and so openly. You are truly good.


Anonymous said...

Dear Yvette, Trayc and family:

I was so saddened to hear of Tristan's passing last Sunday. Please know you all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Praise God for the privilege and honor to have and hold Tristan for 56 days! May God comfort you all during the days, weeks, and months to come. All my love, Vickie Hatcher (FBC Choir)

karalyn said...

I miss reading about Tristan. I cannot imagine how much you must miss him. You are in my prayers always.

Pat said...

Everytime i read this I cry. Praying for God peace and grace to surround your precious family.

Luv you all

Anonymous said...

Trayc and Yvette,

Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. I appologize for not speaking to you on the phone but I heard the news late and most every time I tried to call there was no answer or it was busy. I have also had some days off. Please feel free to contact me if there is anything that I can do to assist you during this difficult time. Also remember we do offer bereavement support through Community Hospice if you are interested. Peace be with you.

Janine Hunt, RN
Community PedsCare

The Wade's said...

I have been checking your blog constantly for updates, and I have cried my eyes out reading of your last few minutes with your precious son. I grieve for your loss, but I rejoice in knowing that Tristan is with Jesus. Please know that your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing the story. I can't imagine how hard this is for you. I will pray for you and your family.

Moriah from PA

Laurie said...

Prayers continue for you today and sending Love and Hugs to all of you.
Asking God to hold you tight and cover you in His peace.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Shane and Devin said...


Still continuing to check in on your family, and still continuing to pray daily for you all.

With love and prayers,
Devin in Illinois

Heather said...

Thank you for having the courage to share your story. I can hardly see through my tears as I type this. Even though I've never met you, Tristan, or the rest of your family, I love you and have been praying for you continuously for weeks. I thank God that you, Tristan's precious mommy and daddy, were able to pray over his last moments and tell him goodbye. I can't imagine your sorrow... but I do share the hope that you have in one day holding your precious baby boy again. Praise the Lord for His goodness!

Laurie said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers this morning and I just wanted to let you know. Asking God to lift you up during this very hard time and to bring you a new hope.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hostetter Family,
I just wanted you to know that we are still thinking of you & praying for you daily! I hope you are feeling some comfort from all the many prayers that are being said on your behalf.