Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 47 - #24 has a new little fan

Tristan had a great night sleep last night and his apnea monitor did not go off at all. Tristan had a good day today except that his color changed 2 different times tonight. He has seemed a lot less fussy the last few days so we are hoping the Zantac is helping the reflux plus we are hoping to see a change since we switched formulas.

Well, if you are a NASCAR fan then you know the 2008 races begin in 3 weeks on February 9th in Daytona. Tanner bought a NASCAR magazine at the store tonight and was so excited that he wanted to come home and watch his NASCAR movie called ESPN's Ultimate Nascar 100 defining moments. Tanner got into racing when he was 6 yrs old because my step-dad worked for 10 yrs at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. We have taken Tanner to several races, of course the only driver we cheer for is Jeff Gordon but Tanner can tell you all the drivers names, numbers and stats. So, in preparation for the upcoming race season Tanner wanted to dress Tristan up in his Jeff Gordon outfit so they could match.

Let me explain the story behind Tristan's outfit and why it's so special to us. My Dad and Step-mom bought the outfit for Tristan back in July, right after we found out we were having another boy. Two weeks later we found out that Tristan had T-18 and were told by doctors that he had a less than 50% chance of surviving to birth . So, you can imagine how bad they felt, they'd given us a baby outfit that may never be worn, although they never could have known the news we would have received, it was still heart breaking every time my Step-mom thought about it. So, we are dedicating this entry to my Dad and Step-mom: Look at your precious grandson, he IS able to wear the Jeff Gordon outfit you bought him!!! Now he's ready for racing season, somebody needs to tell Jeff Gordon he has a new little fan cheering for him!!!

Please pray for Tristan's continued strength, please pray that the 2 heart meds will work, please pray that Tristan's color will not change again and please pray for us as we face another new day tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you guys here in Memphis..I found your blog through Poppy Joy's (I used to work at her great-grandfather's ministry). God is truly a God of Miracles...I will continue to pray for you guys daily....


karalyn said...

Awwwww. He may be the littlest fan but he is also the cutest. I'm so glad Tristan is getting to wear his Nascar outfit. He is such a miracle. He is in my prayers always.

Anonymous said...

Hello - I ran across your blog several weeks ago and check it EVERYDAY! I even shared your story with our children ds12,dd8 and ds3 Your faith and trust in the Lord is amazing to me! We are HUGE Nascar fans, and especially Jeff Gordon fans. Our ds12 is like Tanner he can name all race car drivers and their car number too. Seeing Tristan in his outfit brought a smile to our hearts. Our ds12 son said,"Mom everytime I see Jeff Gordon or think about Nascar I'm going to think of little Tristan. Mom, I've never met this family but,I pray everynight for them. Thank you for the new picture. Seeing those pictures brings joy to me. Stay strong! Praying daily for all of you!
Rachelle - Kansas

Anonymous said...

YEAH! Tristan

Jared, Kristin, Deanna, and Avery Edwards said...

Tristan is continually in our prayers. This is a wonderful story of God's grace. It has been a blessing to follow what He is doing in Tristan's life as well as your own.

Yours in Christ,
Jared and Kristin Edwards
(Jonathan Jared Edwards)

Laurie said...

This picture is too cute!! We are huge Nascar junkies out here in Ca. and I can't wait for the races to start!! I am a Junior fan personally and hope that's okay with Tristan.:)
His grandparents had a dream for this little guy to wear this way back, and how great is it that they can see that it has come true. Praying every day for you guys as this little miracle continues to bless you and bless you. Have I mentioned that I just love this little guy? I sure do.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

The Magana family said...

Thank you very much for the new picture!!!!! That's great!!
We will keep praying
The Magana family
St. Augustine, Fl

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Tristan's life with us :) We all have been blessed with 'knowing' you and your family.

I don't know if you've thought of this or not but when my twins were born at 33wks my daughter was 3 lbs and 17" and not even preemie clothes fit. I went to Walmart and bought 18" (or 17?)doll clothes for her to wear and they fit perfectly for a while. I thought of this for Tristan too, although I don't know what they have for boy doll clothes (my son was 5 lbs and was ok with preemie clothes, although they were big on him too). I'd be happy to look around for you too if you'd like :)
Take care!

Mom/Unci/Donna said...

Hey Tanner ---
What a great picture of my two GRANDSONS!!!! You guys look ready for the races. Mr. Gordan has two very handsome fans (I'm a little prejudice!).
I so happy and thankful for all that Jesus is doing in Tristan's life and all of your lives. Isn't He wonderful?!?! We could never sing His praises enough.
Kiss my little Tristan for me. And if you can catch Tayden for just a moment, give him a hug from me, too. Let Dad and Mom know my love and prayers are with all of ya'll.
I love you all the way to Heaven and back! (Gotcha!!)
PS: You can tell Dad and Mom that I'm ready to come back to FL and take the 'night shift' anytime...

KrazyMom said...

God is so good!

JennyB said...

Hi! I have been visiting your blog and found you through a link from Poppy Joy's blog. Angie Luce mentioned you several times in that blog, and I have been stopping by to check on your journey. Your little one is such a precious miracle. Just know that you are covered in prayer by our family in Memphis!
Jenny B.

Pauline said...

OH those are the most adorable outfits!