Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tanner's Post: My pumpkin carving

Tanner, our 11 yr. old, asked tonight if he could write something on Tristan's blog, so this is, in his own words, his entry: "Tonight Daddy and I carved our pumpkin. I wanted the face to look like Frankencelery from one of the Veggie Tales movies and I wanted to write all of our names on it, especially Tristan's because I told Mom that he really is here this year, he is inside her stomach. I love being a BIG BROTHER to Tayden and I can't wait for my new little brother, Tristan, to be born. He is Mom and Dad's 3rd miracle baby and we have prayed for him every day. We know that because he has Trisomy 18 he may not be here long, but I hope he can be with us at least a few days before he goes home to be with Jesus. Please keep praying for us."


Donna said...

Hey, Tanner! I just read YOUR entry. I loved seeing the big smile on your face. You've grown so much these last months since I last saw you. You are becoming such a fine young man --- you're the best BIG BROTHER Tayden and Tristan could ever need. I believe in my heart that Tristan already knows how much you love him and want to spend time with him. Your family has so many people praying for all of you. After they read your request for prayer and see how much you love your family, they will pray even harder. I remember all the talks I had with Jesus about YOU before you were born, and He blessed us with you. Jesus is so good to us, isn't He? Grandma and I will see you soon. She wants you to know how proud of you she is and you all are in her prays, too. Until I see you in person, just remember...I am loving you all the way to Heaven and back! Your Unci

Grandma said...

Dear Tanner: I am so proud of you. You are such a good big brother. Tayden and Tristan are very blessed to have you watching over them. I bet Tayden was excited running around in the 'pumpkin patch'! The pictures of the two of you are so cute in your costumes. Unci and I will be down in Jacksonville in just a few weeks and we are looking forward to a bunch of hugs and kisses from you guys! You continue to take care of your family just the way you are now. If you would, please tell Tristan that Grandma loves him very much and can't wait to hold hime. Give Tayden a big hug for me, too. I pray many times a day for Tristan and all of you. Remember that Jesus loves Tristan even more than we do, and He's holding him with loving arms. I love you so much, Grandma