Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Tristan

Tristan Asher Hostetter

December 3, 2007 at 12:42 pm
4 lbs. 4 oz. 16 1/2 inches

Today is our little boy's 1st Birthday. Oh how we wish he was here to celebrate this very special day with us. These are the kind of days that make us thankful we are Christians and know without a doubt that we will see our little boy again, that he has been completely healed of Trisomy 18 and is now in Heaven with our Lord waiting on us. I pray that he knows how much we love and miss him every day. I'm sure he is celebrating with all of his little friends today - Poppy Joy, Maddox, Mary Grace, Asher, Issac, Miller Grace, Eva and Jacob.

We have a very special day planned today. Please check back later for an update and pictures.

In case you didn't see the slideshow from Tristan's "Celebration of Life" service, this is a sweet little glimpse of the 56 days we shared as a family of 5.

Tristan's verse: John 11:4 - This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified thereby."

Happy 1st Birthday Tristan!!!!!!
We love you,
Mommy, Daddy, Tanner & Tayden


our family said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! I am sure he is having the most magnificent birthday celebration. Thinking of you as you remember him on his special day.
Hugs and Prayers
Rachel in PA

LucieP said...

Happy Birthday Tristan!

Your story has truly changed my life!

I did not know about you until you were already with Jesus but what I have learned from you is not something I can put into words.

In your honor, I have made a donation to a raffle who is supporting String of Pearls in addition to two other companies who fund adoption grants.

If you'd like more info, pls see

boltefamily said...

Happy Birtday Tristan!

Praying you have a beautiful day of celebrating such a sweet life! Love you all!


Kenzie said...


Yvette, Trayc and boys (and baby girl)... I am praying for you today, for your hearts to be filled with sweet memories of the 56 days you spent with him. I know there is pain associated with those memories because he isn't here and so I am also praying that the pain and grief won't outweigh the beauty that this day held one year ago.

Love you guys so much!
Blessings & prayer,
Kenzie (& family)

Staci said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Tristan!

Emily said...

Oh, I remember that day so well! I found your blog through Poppy Joy's & started following you on the day Tristan was born. I loved reading all your updates on his progress & I fell in love with his sweet little face. So, Happy Birthday to Tristan!!! I hope you have a wonderful day of remembering your sweet boy!
Emily in Mississippi

BreezieGirl said...

Happy Birthday Tristan!

My thoughts and prayers are with you today.

Michelle said...

Happy 1st Birthday Tristan!

Much love and many prayers for your family today Yvette! That sweet baby boy of yours touched many lives through you being willing to share him with us!

Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing the video and allowing us to remember one year ago. He is so beautiful, Yvette.

What memories of following his 56 day journey and all the prayers and tears so very many of shed for him and for you. I hope that your baby girl is filling your empty arms today. Not a substitute, for no one could ever fill little Tristan's shoes, but rather you are such a wonderful mom and your arms deserve to be full. Your boys are the best brothers ever and Trayc an amazing dad. I know that your girl is greatly blessed by being a part of your family.

May God give you all that peace that passes all understanding as you celebrate your precious Tristan's birth. He is greatly missed.


Just Me said...

Happy Birthday Tristan!

Praying for the Hostetter family today. Looking forward to reading about how you celebrated this special day.


Trish said...

Happy Birthday Tristan, I can't imagine the party that heaven is having for you. You share a birthday with my sister who is in heaven, she also shares your birthday!!

We know you will be there to greet our sweet son when Jesus takes him home. He will be here on Friday and we are hoping he graces us with his presence just as you did with your family!

With all our love,
Trish and Dustin
Max's mommy and daddy

Kim ( said...

1 year ago today we met a precious boy that changed us forever. Happy Birthday Tristan - I know Mary Grace is celebrating with you.
Love you and your mommy so much!

Angie said...


I've been thinking about you all day long! I am praying that on this bitter sweet day that God will fill you with joy at the memories of Tristan. What a blessing he was! I remember checking for his updates every single day, loving to read how he was surviving, all the way for 56 days. I know that this day will never be easy, yet I know that god gives strength as we need it. I pray you will have that today!

Love you!


connie said...

Yvette, I woke up too late to come here this morning before heading out all day traveling for work, but you were on my mind. I loved following your blog every day of Tristan's earthly life, and miss him, too. I'd know his face anywhere, still, because you were so generous with sharing him with us the whole way. I'm so glad for him, and the friendships he grew for you, including the one with lucky me!

I hope today was filled with sweet memories, more than sadness, as you looked through the zillions of pictures you took of him. How did Tanner do today?

Tamara said...

Dear sweet Hostetter family,

Our thoughts and prayers have been with you all day today. I know this is a special day, but bitter-sweet too! Please know that we love you guys and we are so blessed to know you and call you friends.

Happy Birthday Tristan! You are so loved and missed!

Dennis, Tamara & Hannah

Laurie said...

Happy 1st birthday sweet Tristan. I thought of you all day today and I sure do miss you. My Hannah turned one today and I gave her extra love for you. You are loved by so many as we were honored to share your beautiful 56 days of celebration by your wonderful family. What a treasure you are and always will be. I don't say was, because I know where you are sweet boy:) I hope your family's celebration tonight is as special as you are.

Love and Kisses, Laurie

Cathy said...

Just wanted to say Happy birthday, sweet Tristan. What a beautiful place Heaven will be with your precious shining face.

Carla Burlando said...

Happy 1st Birthday Tristan...I'm sure there are no parties like the ones that are thrown in Heaven. I will be praying for you guys as you remember your sweet son in a special way. The remembering is so bitter sweet. We honored our sons 8th birthday in Heaven this year..his younger siblings who never had the chance to meet him insisted that we make a cake and sing happy was so sweet. God Bless.