Friday, March 14, 2008

Heavy heart

I sit here tonight with such a heavy heart for the following 3 families. I would ask that you PLEASE lift them up in prayer in the days ahead:

1. Eva Janette (link is on right side of page): Chrissy is the last of us "T-18 mommies" to have her baby. She is scheduled for 8:30 am on Monday. Please pray for Eva Janette - that she will be born alive, that her heart rate will remain strong and that her family will have lots of time with her. As I am sure you can imagine, Chrissy has been overwhelmed with emotions as she has seen so many babies born and pass away over the last 9 months. Please pray that Chrissy will be able to put all of her fears aside as she heads to the hospital to bring her precious little girl, Eva, into the world. Please pray for her husband, Vinnie. He, too, has walked this very difficult road of emotions with her and realizes she needs so much love and support in the next few days. Please pray for their 2 children(Mya and Dominic), day-after-day they have sat by Chrissy's side checking in on all of the T-18 families so they, too, already feel the loss of so many babies which makes their little hearts so vulnerable to being hurt. Oh, I just want them to be so excited that their little sister has been so very strong and made it to the end and I want them to enjoy every moment they have with her. Please pray for the doctors and nurses that will be assisting them during their hospital stay. Please pray for all of their family members and friends that will be joining them at the hospital.

2. Joshua Mathew Sams (link is on right side of page): Joshua passed away on Saturday (They live in New Zealand which is 17 hours ahead of us. So our Friday is already their Saturday). The Lord blessed his family with so much more time than doctors ever believed was possible - as his mommy said, "he lived 67 days and 7 bonus hours". Please pray for Susie, her husband Matt and their daughter, Oceana, not only are they dealing with the loss of their precious little boy and preparing for his service but Matt has come down with the flu. They really need our prayers!!!

3. Molly Brown ( Molly passed away suddenly last night at 7:30 pm. Molly had been doing so well, therefore this was very unexpected. She had T-18 and lived 19 months, she was considered a long time survivor of this rare disorder. Her dad, Sean, is the Vice President of Development for the Trisomy 18 Foundation which has been such an inspiration to many girls given this kind of diagnosis. Please pray for Erin, Sean and their son, Gavin, as they deal with the loss of their precious little girl and prepare for her service.

Again, my heart is just so heavy tonight knowing all the emotions these families are facing. I had such mixed emotions on December 3rd when we were headed to the hospital. Excited because I knew Tristan was going to be born and that I could finally hold my precious little boy and scared because there was so much uncertain. I know so well the emotions Chrissy is feeling. And then, I also know the reality and sadness the Sams family and Brown family are feeling having just lost their precious babies.

Please visit these 3 sites and leave them a comment letting them know you are praying for them. I know it would mean so much to all of them to be remembered in these very difficult days.

James 5:16 says: "Confess your faults to one another and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (friend) availeth much."


Heather said...

Hi Yvette,
Thanks for this update. I am praying hard for each family. I am thankful for the internet which has allowed these stories to be shared and has enabled countless people to pray for each one.

I wish you joy during this season of hope and fulfillment. Happy Easter! xoxo

Laurie said...

Hi Yvette,

I have been praying hard for these families and have thought of you often as each are walking a part in this road that you have walked and are walking now. I am praying for your Sunday tomorrow. I know this day holds so much sadness for you. I pray it won't always be this way, but for now it is. Praying for you each day and asking God to give you rest filled nights again. Bless you Yvette, you are a blessing to me.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

Chrissy said...

Yvette-I want to thank you for the continued thoughts and prayers being sent our way. It means the world to us. Your support is greatly appreciated. We miss Tristan so much and think of you all so often. I pray that we too are blessed w/ 56 days (or more) of miracles w/ Eva. I know that God's timing is perfect as well as his plan even if and when I do not understand. He knows the desires of my heart better than I know them myself. Thank you for thinking of us as we face the uncertainties of the days ahead. Love, Chrissy

Jaime said...

I'll be praying for all of the families you mentioned. Your family's story is incredible...your faith is astonishing. God speed.

Angie Luce said...


Thank you for reminding us. We know what it is like to need prayers in a dark hour, and I want to be faithful to lift these families up!

love, Angie

Kim ( said...

praying praying praying.
Thinking of you always

Jen in Al said...

Praying...jen in al