Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Test 4 - Positive

Today is Tuesday. Yes, I know that Trayc and I had agreed to wait until Friday to take our 4th test but I just couldn't wait any longer. I had been feeling sick all morning so at 2:30 pm I took the EPT test and it was POSITIVE!!! Finally, after taking 4 tests I think this one is correct. I called Trayc and said, "Tayden wanted to tell you that he was going to be a big brother". He said, "okay", I said, "Tayden said he was going to be one in December!" He said, "what? you took the test? I knew you wouldn't wait until Friday!" (he was laughing and joking, of course). We waited until we were at the dinner table tonight to tell Tanner. He is so excited he gets to be a big brother again and Tayden, well, he's only 13 months old so he doesn't understand but he will when he has a brother/sister so close in age to play with. We are all just so excited - this is our 3rd miracle baby and the perfect Christmas gift.

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